Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Monday: Lizzy Ross

This weekend I had the distinctive pleasure of a quick road trip to Durham, NC to see Lizzy Ross perform. Lizzy just released a new album, Traces, in June. Her sound is technically alternative rock... but it's hard to categorize what I heard on Friday night. Her music is a delicious hybrid of folk, jazz, rock, and blues, with clever lyrics and riffs impossible to resist dancing to.

The venue was a private little gathering spot out in the country, and as the sun went down, tiki torches blazed and strings of tiny Christmas lights twinkled under the stage rafters. As the evening deepened, the music became more and more intoxicating, with the band effortlessly spinning out tracks from the new album like "Wedding Cake" (a fast-paced song with a playful sound but a serious subject) and "Cross the Cuyahoga" (an ambitious track that alternates between a driving beat and a lyrical chill-out chorus). More and more people got up to dance as the show went on, and it was remarkable how easy it was to get lost in the music with complete strangers - the sound just took us all over, and we gave in happily.

I was reminded a bit of KT Tunstall with some of her songs, and Norah Jones on others, but it was about the time Lizzy busted out a cover of Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits that I knew she had her own style and sound. It's obvious she's worked hard to become as good as she is, and even though the show was a small one, she and her band played their hearts out. They finished up with a great couple of songs - the bluesy, dance-hall crowd pleaser "Bones" got the audience up on its feet and out on the dance floor, and Lizzy treated us to a solo version of the title track from her new album, a bittersweet, poignant song about remembering love and having the hope to try and claim it one more time.

I really enjoyed the show and would definitely go see Lizzy again. I bought a copy of her new album, Traces, and I've already been listening to it this weekend. I'd highly recommend if you're in the Durham, NC area sometime in the next couple of months trying to make it to one of her shows. You'll have a great time. Here's a video of her performing her song "Bones" at the Festival for the Eno in July.

Bones from Lizzy Ross on Vimeo.

Happy Monday! Hope the new music makes it a little easier today.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're dedicated to make that road trip. Glad you had a good time.

B. Miller said...

Thanks Alex!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey B! Thanks for offering to help on October 19. I was going to email you the information, but I couldn't locate your address. Mine's alexjcavanaugh AT Thanks!

Hannah said...

sounds like a great time! I like KT, Norah and love love love Tom Waits. I'll checks it out!! Thanks for sharing!

B. Miller said...

Thanks Hannah! She has several tracks on her site you can listen to for free... hope you've found someone new to listen to! :)

JournoMich said...

I'm really not that into music, but you make this sound great! You must have had a good time since you haven't posted since then. :)

Hope you enjoyed Durham! I'm just over the airport in Raleigh.


Ella said...

I love music, thanks for sharing!
Sounds like it was well worth the trip!