Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pay it Forward Update

Hello all! I announced my very first blog contest, the Pay it Forward Giveaway, on Friday of last week, and I have a couple of updates about it for you!

First, THANKS for all the wonderful comments, reposting, and goodwill-spreading! I've gotten a great response for this so far! I can only hope the two weeks will continue to be as amazing as the first few days of the contest were. In just three days, I received over 200 entries from interested bloggers! WOW!

I also gained 11 followers already - YEAH!! Welcome, new folks! Take a look around! Here are a few entries for you to peruse while you're here. They're some of my most popular posts, and you can learn a bit about me and my blog if you decide to take a gander:

Lycanthropy Awareness
(from Arlee Bird's A to Z blog challenge)
A Fine Romance, With No Pages
Clark Kent vs. Superman

11 new people! That means we only have 14 more to go before a MYSTERY PRIZE gets added to the contest! Whoooo!! I think I'm as excited about that mystery prize as I am about the contest itself!

Also, Curt and Shane from Mooks in the Movies have thrown something out there to be added to the Pay it Forward Giveaway grand prize! As you know, the winner gets to choose EITHER a $25 gift card to the bookseller of their choice OR what I like to call an "Author Sponsorship Package" which includes me purchasing your published work (up to a $25 value), reviewing it on the blog and your bookselling website of choice, giving you and your work plugs on my Twitter and Facebook and hosting an author spotlight on my blog for you. Well, Curt and Shane are adding this little gem to that package:
To sweeten the pot, I am offering this. In addition to the sweetness of her prizes, we Mooks will name a character in one of our screenplays after the winner! You heard it right folks! Now, with respect to people's privacy, we will handle that this way:

We can name the character using your first name, screen name, or just a name you really like. We will also post a link to the winner's preferred media here on our blog as well. So, if you are the winner, you get your name used in one of our screenplays, and we will announce you as the winner, with a link to your blog, website, whatever!
How cool is THAT?? Awesome, huh? If you haven't had a chance yet, get on over there and follow their blog! You'll get +7 entries in the contest for it!

Also, Kierah Jane Reilly did her own spin on the Pay it Forward contest here. She started a really neat trend on her blog that's spread out to at least four other blogs so far... can't wait to see how far it goes! And I love your choices for the "In real life hangout", Keirah!

One more thing... the Pay it Forward Giveaway is inspiring another group of writers to compose some Pay it Forward drabbles! If you don't know what drabbles are: they're pieces of flash fiction, written in exactly 100 words. No more, no less. I can't wait to see more about this and share it with you as it develops!

Thank you so much to everybody who's gotten involved with this! I love this community!

The Pay it Forward Giveaway ends at midnight on Monday, May 31st! If you'd like to know more, visit this link for details!



Please it is going well for you,Hope you get the followers you need.

Take care.

Talli Roland said...

So glad to hear it's taking off! That's great! And congrats on the 11 new followers.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You really started something here, Miller!

Unknown said...

How grand!!! I have missed quite a few of your posts so I'll need to back track and see what I've missed! Congratulations on the new followers and I'm glad to hear everything is going so well!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That is great!

Candyland said...

That's a really cool addition to the prizes! This is an awesome contest idea.

Dawn Ius said...

YAY for contest success! You rock.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Miller, I don't know if you follow this blog, but she's looking for bloggers to interview - http://dee-theredheadedstepchild.blogspot.com/2010/05/dear-readers_18.html

Zoe C. Courtman said...

Following! Great blog - congrats on the momentum! Great contest, too!!

Hart Johnson said...

it's amazing how sometimes things take off, isn't it? I think this is such a GREAT THING though, to have caught fire, so WELL DONE! I will do a little share tomorrow about Pay It Forward, too--I've been in a minor funk, so today wanted to rant instead of cheering, but I feel myself coming out of it... back to myself tomorrow!

Hannah said...

Yay!! That's great!!

Awesome contest it is.

ggray said...


Wendy Ramer, Author said...

As of this Thursday, May 20th, when my next post is scheduled to appear, this is where I stand:

Comment on this post: +1
New follower: +1
Old follower: +2
Tweet or post on Facebook about this contest: +2
Follow on Twitter: +2
Become a fan on Facebook: +2
Blog about this contest: +3
Include this post in your sidebar: +3
Story or a poem about paying it forward. Post it on your blog, with a link back to this entry: +10

total tally = 26

Jemi Fraser said...

I love how this is spreading! You've done a good thing - & I love the added prize :)

Curtis Hart said...

You're blowin up the blogosphere girl! Love ya sweets!