Sunday, May 1, 2011


Here it is, Sunday, and I don't have to post, but I'm still posting.

I've been back to blogging for 2 months now, and it feels good again. I like the shorter format. When I go back and look at old entries, it feels like I was trying too hard. Attempting to impress the potential publishers. Well, fuck that. I want to be short and sweet. Give my readers something to remember in a fistful of paragraphs...

Yesterday, April 30th, was the 1-year anniversary of my friend Scott's death... So much has changed in a year. I've been through huge changes, lost friends, gained friends... over the last twelve months, I've been tempered by fire. Every time I think about where I am, I'm grimly proud. I wish Scott were here today to see how things have changed. I wonder, if he was still here... would things be entirely different?

Here it is, the first of May, the beginning of summer in the South, the tail-end of the cap of wind closing out the storm that uprooted my life... starting six months ago. I'm still here, damaged but whole, bruised but intact. Thriving, in fact. I'm reporting to you from the front lines of pain central, and I'm here to tell you, things are finally starting to look brighter again.

I love you, Scott... and you're missed. To the rest of you... I know you think this is a generic message, but it's not... I love YOU, too... and THANK YOU for the positive energy you bring into my life.

Happy Summer, y'all.