Monday, July 19, 2010

Soundtrack of your Life Blogfest

I'm participating in Arlee Bird's Soundtrack of your Life blogfest today. If you get a chance, swing on over to his blog and check out the cool list of people who are taking part in this one.

So I've been thinking about this a lot over the last few nights. Wendy commented that her soundtrack would be super long - multiple CD's, hundreds of songs - and I most sincerely concur. Over the years I've had many "Quintessential B" playlists, and if I put them all together for this blogfest, you'd be reading a LONG time. So, I decided to narrow it down to the top ten songs which I hold nearest and dearest to my heart - at this particular moment in time. I hold no illusions that this list will never change.

Hell, it might change in the next fifteen minutes.

Narrowing it down to ten was hard, but fun. I listened to a lot of music and rejected so many songs... this was a great project, especially since it falls on a Music Monday! I've posted a few lyrics and an explanation for each song, and I hope you guys enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed making the list. Thanks, Lee, for hosting this cool blogfest.

Without further ado, and in no particular order...

The Quintessential B List

The Pixies - Where is my Mind?

"With your feet on the air and your head on the ground..."

Some songs stay with you through your whole life, and I guess if I had to name any one song that was my "theme song", this would be it. I've loved the Pixies since I heard them in high school, way back in 1991... Yep, I'm old. "Where is my Mind?" became a generational anthem when Fight Club used it for its ending credits, but it was one of my anthems long before the movie ever came out.

Night Moves - Bob Seger

"Ain't it funny how the night moves... when you just don't seem to have as much to lose... strange how the night moves... with autumn closin' in..."

My sister once referred to Bob Seger in general and this song in particular as "mother's milk", and I agree. I grew up with Bob Seger and every time I hear this song it comforts me, while reminding me how lonely it is out there for everyone, at one time or another.

Pearl Jam - Oceans

"Hold on to the thread; the currents will shift. Guide me towards you - know something's left, and we're all allowed to dream of the next time we touch..."

I have loved this song from the moment I heard it in 1992, and it is one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard. Helps me remember that love comes from everywhere, and never to give up hope on the people who love you - and the people you love.

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

"And children, don't grow up... our bodies get bigger, but our hearts get torn up. We're just a million little gods causin' rainstorms, turnin' every good thing to rust. I guess we'll just have to adjust..."

Sometimes you need an epic song to help you remember why your life is epic. Try it. Cue up this song. Close your eyes. Listen to the music. Think about your life. You'll see what I mean.

Kings of Leon - Arizona

"And I go... stand up to a giant, say that I'm a fighter... too drunk to remember. Too drunk to..."

The lyrics combined with the soulful Southern rock sound of this song make it one of my new favorite entries in my "quintessential B" list. Every artist needs a song or two they can get inebriated to, right? This is one of mine.

Cursive - From the Hips

"We're from our best when it's from our hips. It's from our hips, we don't give a shit... it just feels good, and that's no sin. It's the only way to feel alive, the closest thing to being born again..."

I love the philosophical thoughts behind the lyrics of this song, and what it says about relationships. When we start talking and thinking, we start screwing things up. Go with what you feel. Your heart knows best, friends.

Gossip - Lesson Learned

"I guess I'm lucky 'cause I learned a long time ago, I used to try to be somebody else but now I know. People like you make me know that I don't wanna be stuck in a scene that only puts me down and judges me."

INDIVIDUALITY IS CLUTCH, people. I am awesome. You are awesome. WE ARE AWESOME. Please don't buy into someone else's definition of who you should be. Ever.

Murder By Death - As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World

"I have loved, and I've lost all that they gave me. They all try to save me, but I'm seein' this thing through..."

Yes, my drink of choice is whiskey. And as long as there is whiskey in the world, things aren't quite as bad as they seem.

The Murmurs - Genius

"She's got something to say to the world. She wants to know if she could tie it up... She's kinda freaky. She's kinda weird. She's kinda freaky... but I dunno..."

Someone very special to me once told me this song made her think of me, and I was touched. Now whenever I hear it I think of that time, and it feels kind of like a theme song for me. I'm eternally grateful to that girl for introducing me to this tune.

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains

"My brother, where do you intend to go tonight? I heard that you missed your connecting flight - to the Blue Ridge Mountains, over near Tennessee."

I grew up going to the Blue Ridge Mountains - both of my grandmothers, aunt, uncle and cousins all lived in Waynesville, NC - and I have a strong connection with the Blue Ridge Mountains. This song helps me remember their beauty, mystery, and serenity.

I hope y'all enjoyed my list, and I can't wait to take a look at yours! Have a great week, friends!


RosieC said...

Ah, The Pixies! They were a staple for me in HS and college. Great list.

Mason Canyon said...

Interesting list. Gotta love Bob Seger. Now I'll have that song playing in my head all day, but it's a good song.

Thoughts in Progress


A very interesting and varid list, I enjoyed watching and listening.
Thanks for sharing.


Arlee Bird said...

Some truly tasty tunes here. I had not heard some of these songs before and some artists I wasn't familiar with. I liked every song on this list. I'd buy this soundtrack. Good commentary as well--nice philosophical outlook.
Great soundtrack.


Tossing It Out

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good list, Miller. I didn't have time to put one together, but I imagine mine would've been really long as well.

Hart Johnson said...

You are NOT OLD. *cough* Okay, now that we are past that... great list! I have a Bob Segar portion of my own soundtrack I'd almost forgotten... the walkman back when I was VERY FIRST trying to be a runner--Running Against the Wind, when I was LITERALLY running against the wind...

Some of these hadn't heard, but I am going to keep the window up and play them though, as your choices seem to resonate with me.

By The Way: you are officially 'cool'--when my daughter and I drove back from Canada, she got in the car and reached for the tape YOU made... teen approval is hard to come by and you've got it.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Great read! Thanks for sharing. I am not familiar with most of the songs or the artists. I have heard a couple of Bob Seager songs.

Jemi Fraser said...

Love Bob Seger! Great soundtrack :)

B. Miller said...

You guys are awesome! So pleased y'all are digging my song list - Lee, your comment "I'd buy this soundtrack" really made me smile. Thanks for hosting the blogfest, my friend!!

Alex, maybe you can continue to meditate on it and post your list sometime soon. I'd love to read it!

And Hart - I'm truly honored! I have teenage nephews and I know how hard it is to get the adolescent thumbs up! W00t!!

Jemi, Yvonne, Gregg, Mason, Rosie... THANKS!! Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting! :D

Dawn Ius said...

LOVE this list - and thanks for the links. I can relive this all over again.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, The Pixies AND Bob Seger? Your list rocks. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Maurice Mitchell said...

I like that you didn't choose obvious songs. There's some depth there girl.