Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's been a while, friends, but I'm happy to see the keyboard still works in just the same way and the blog-o-sphere continues to turn happily on its axis just as it was when I last left it. 

My apologies for the prolonged silence. I had to take some time away from everything online to deal with personal issues. It was a hard road, but I'm over the worst and on to the next series of challenges life has to throw at me. I've learned a lot over the last four months, about myself and life in general, and I'm sure that'll shine through in the entries to come. 

I want to get back into blogging and the wonderful sense of community I experienced last year. I'm ready to focus on my writing platform again. But most of all I'm ready to share my goals and progress with the thousands of other crazy people out there who are doing the same thing I am. 

So, first things first: I want to write the new novel between now and August. (Typing that makes me feel simultaneously excited and ill.) Nevertheless, I think that's doable, don't you? 


Laura S. said...

Welcome back! I'm sorry about the challenges you faced, but it's wonderful you have such a positive outlook and vibrant energy. Good luck writing your new novel!

Sophia said...

Nice to see you again! Sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad they're mostly resolved now. And your goal sounds pretty doable, do you have a word count in mind? Are you outlining or pantsing? Do you have a word/page goal per day or week? So many questions! Welcome back to the blogging world, where everybody knows your writing progress haha.
- Sophia.

Hart Johnson said...

Totally doable! Just split your goal up--that is 6 months, eh? 15000 words a month or just over 3000 words a week... not a bad pace at all.

I want to know what happened with your LAST book, too. Is it still under review? Did you get feedback? Didn't you miss me pestering you?

Unknown said...

If anyone can, you can. Welcome back to blogging!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Looking at Hart's comment, I think that's very doable. Maybe aim for double the word count, then you'll have a good buffer if you lose some time.

Your blogasphere will be cheering you on :)

B. Miller said...

Thanks, you guys!

B. Miller said...

Hart, I'll tell you about the status of the last book in tomorrow's post. Thanks for asking - and yes, I missed you!! :D