Friday, March 11, 2011


No post yesterday, as I was out of town. Went to Atlanta to see a Murder By Death show.

Remember my story "Out of the Blue"? It was inspired by their song "Brother". I went last spring to see them at the Masquerade (also in Atlanta), and I told the band about my story and that it had been picked up for publication by moonShine Review. They gave me their enthusiastic blessing and permission to use their song lyrics to introduce my story in the magazine.

Putting the published story in their hands was one of the most satisfying moments I've had as a writer. I signed the issue for them, as they've signed so many things for me. They were thrilled. So thrilled, in fact, that they put me on the guest list for the show in Asheville on Monday.

I'm so excited about this. If nothing else I'm taking away the immense satisfaction of putting a finished product in the hands of the people who inspired the story into being. But if they like my style, who knows? I'd love to do a collaborative project with them.

*happy dance*


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That is awesome they got a signed copy from you!

Sophia said...

That's great, you gotta love cross-media collaboration and support. Have fun at the show!
- Sophia.

Arlee Bird said...

That's pretty cool. Some good networking I'd say.

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