Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In the last few months I've been doing damage control and I've lost sight of where I want to go and why. I've been focusing on keeping my head down and truckin' as long as I can, hoping I can outlast the shitstorm.

Now that it's finally passing and the sun's coming back out, it's time to re-evaluate.

I want to write. I know being published isn't all that writing is, but I really want to have a novel published with my name on the cover. A REAL BOOK - flourish of trumpets, please and thank you. Being paid would be nice. Actually, being paid would be more than nice. It would be fantastic.

So write, you say. Okay, got that down. Working on the new book. Got the characters; got the setting(s). Got a fun little gimmick that I'm gonna try to run (two timeline narratives carrying on at the same time, for starters). Gotta keep going. As for being published, it's time to get in touch with that agent about my last book and see what he really thinks. If he wants it, awesome. If not, maybe he can offer me some tips on getting it cleaned up.

Keep on blogging, self. Keep writing, and keep up your communique with the contacts you've made in the writing world. Start using Facebook again. But take it easy to an extent, don't get overwhelmed, okay?

Time to set my eyes back on that final goal and start moving towards it again. Who's with me?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Key word - balance!

Laura S. said...


Hannah said...

I (finally) finished my first first draft. I am super pumped to keep this forward streak going!

We will triumph!

Arlee Bird said...

It sounds like you're on track. I think if there is too much focus on success than falling short feels like failure, whereas just moving forward increases bypassing the failure obstacle and getting ever closer to success. Just write with persistance and patience and something good is bound to happen eventually.

Getting paid would be great.

Tossing It Out

Hart Johnson said...

It's a marathon, isn't it? I'm so glad the shitstorm is over and you are ready to regroup. I hope that agent DOES want your book, or at least can give you good guidance on what to do if he thinks it's not ready yet. Just keep swimming, my friend!