Monday, March 28, 2011


I think I'm finally starting to find mine again.

This has been a good month. Blogging over the last few weeks has been rewarding. I'm looking forward to Arlee Bird's A to Z Blog Challenge, which starts next Friday. Are you going to be participating?

I've focused on brevity in the last month, keeping my entries short. It's been a fun exercise, and I'm happy you've come along with me.

I feel like this was a good first month back. But there's lots of room for improvement. And the improvements are just beginning... with the blog, the book the life. I'll keep updating if you keep reading.

And of course, as always, THANKS for reading.


Charmaine Clancy said...

Brevity is the key to blogging, I've always received the most feedback from the shortest posts. Plus blogging almost every day in April will require at least some short ones! I'll be A-Zing too :)

Arlee Bird said...

I am really happy to see you signed up for A to Z. The brief post is going to be so crucial this year. Good plan.

Tossing It Out
Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you decided to join in on the challenge!!! I'm one of the co-hosts and so excited to be apart of the epicness!!!!

I'm here rooting for you!