Saturday, April 30, 2011


We've come to the end of this year's A to Z blog challenge.

I've gone back over and read my entries, and I'm proud of what I've done. No cheats, no repeats, and every entry was straight from the heart. Whether I was sharing a song, offering encouragement, or just spewing out what was on my mind, my voice rings clear in every post.

It's something I've grown used to... the sound of my own blogging voice. Next month will be its own challenge, because it's easy to keep up with something that already has structure. But I'll be here. I hope you will too.

This project has helped me towards balance in my creative life. While storms have raged around me this month - literal and figurative - I've continually updated, and hit every letter. When I blog, I'm in my own little warm center of the universe. It's nice here, and I'm glad you decided to stop by. The visitors to my blog, even those who don't comment, are more than welcome.

Come back anytime you want.


Charmaine Clancy said...

It's been a big month - well done for getting through the alphabet :)
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Unknown said...

I'm sure blogging the storms could be interesting too.

Arlee Bird said...

Good luck to what's to come. Congratulations for completing the Challenge that has been. You made it to Z!
It's been good to see you back to posting again and look forward to your future posts.

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